WCA LLC Site Work

Full-Service Site Construction Ensures On-Time, Safe Project Delivery

Our safety record speaks for itself – WCA was the 2014 OSHA Safety Award Winner

When you choose WCA LLC to prepare your site for construction, you can count on our experienced team to prepare the site in accordance with the highest safety standards and industry best practices. Our team efficiently clears the site and prepare it to project specifications, including grading the earth to suit the build.

WCA also efficiently installs storm drainage and utilities as required by the design. Installing pads and foundations are part of our expertise.

WCA brings jobs to your community

For larger contracts, WCA hires temporary workers from Tribal clients and from the surrounding communities. This offers steady employment for Tribal members, enriching the lives of individuals and improving Tribal community.

WCA LLC also provides safety and construction training to help our temporary employees raise their skill level, and make them more employable after the project ends. In addition, employees are trained to understand the latest safety measures to guarantee the safest site.

Safety Rating of .80

We are proud of our Safety Rating of .80. We also won the 2014 OSHA Safety Award that is based upon the amount of hours worked without a safety incident.

And, if environmental sustainability is important to your organization, WCA shares your values. During a recent excavation, construction workers disturbed a den of rattle snakes. The team called animal control for assistance, and carefully moved the family of snakes to a hillside that was several miles away from the construction site.

If you require Site Construction for our project, and you are in one of the states that make up the Four Corners, contact WCA for a bid. Simply call (970) 565-7430 and we will be honored to assist you