WCA LLC Oil Field

WCA, LLC offers specialized, above ground oil field/natural gas mining skills such as building access roads, proper ground grading, well pads as well as maintenance and repairs to wells and constructing pressure piping.

As a self-managed oil field construction company, WCA, LLC takes control of site construction and maintenance activities to keep employees safe and deliver projects on time and on budget.

Among the services WCA offers:

  • Roustabout Services to: site preparation, repair pipelines, build well pads; lay gravel and general site maintenance.
  • Dirt Work and Excavation: We own our own heavy equipment including dozers so we can clear areas, build roads and build new well pads.
  • Land Reclamation/Remediation: Environmental sustainability is a core WCA value, and we are happy to offer this service to help shut down old wells and return the area to a natural state.

We focus on working with natural gas companies with wells in Colorado. If you require bids on a new or existing natural gas project, please contact us at (970) 565-7430 for a bid. We would be honored to work with you.