WCA, LLC Design Build

Our bonding capability is $150 million and we own our own heavy equipment

Rather than managing two contractors, hire WCA, LLC to perform both the designer and construction contractor roles to streamline operations and help contain costs.

Our team works in tandem with our client to understand the project scope and prepare with preplanning and developing project documents to implement safety measures pre-construction, develop the timeline and acquire materials that are of high quality and value priced.

Our team includes a construction survey department that performs survey services to help with site selection and assessment.

During the pre-construction phase, the client and members of WCA, LLC’s team have opportunities to raise concerns about construction plans, materials and more – maximizing design and functionality while maintaining safety measures, controlling costs and the timeline.

Improving risk management

With the responsibility of planning the design specifications, along with constructing a facility, there’s less of a chance of an error because each member of WCA’s design-build team have targeted skills in their area of responsibility.

WCA self-manages all of our projects, further reducing the risk of error.

Safety is an important value — WCA, LLC is also the 2014 OSHA Award Winner for Safety, and our Safety Rating is .80, which is far above average.

Our skills include:

  • Project management and organization
  • Safety plan
  • Quality assurance
  • Financial strength/bonding capacity
  • Key personnel has extensive experience with WCA
  • Project references

Our design-build projects

WCA, LLC has extensive design-build project experience, and can provide references for our work. Our work includes:

  • Civil site work
  • Roads
  • Sewer and water
  • Trailer parks

We bring new jobs to your community

Several of our projects require construction teams of 300, which require WCA, LLC to hire from our Tribal clients and from surrounding communities. Not only does WCA bring jobs to the community, but we also provide training to bring our temporary workforce up to our quality standards and to reinforce safety measures.

By helping workers strengthen skills and gain new ones, WCA brings even more value to the communities we serve.

If you require bids on a design-build project in one of the states in the Four Corners Region, call (970) 565-7430 for a bid.