WCA, LLC Building Construction

We’re Committed to Safety and the Highest Construction Building Standards since 1985

WCA is bondable up to $150 million and we own our own heavy construction equipment

WCA LLC works hard to deliver a positive experience for our clients from preconstruction to delivery. Our construction professionals bring added value to every commercial, institutional and residential project.

Our building construction professionals offer substantial construction experience, and our team is committed to providing quality and practicing safety best practices.

In addition to construction management, perform extensive pre-planning and design-build services. Our expertise includes:

  • Conventional Housing
  • Commercial buildings
    • Detention facilities
    • Casinos
    • Hotels/Restaurants
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Pumping Plants
  • Specialty Buildings
  • Pre Engineered Steel Buildings
  • Remodeling

We bring new jobs to your community

While we bring a management staff to oversee all of our project commitments, since our projects may require up to 300 employees, we hire from surrounding communities and Tribes, which brings new jobs to elevate your community.

We train our employees to our high standards of performance and how to remain compliant to our safety standards, but we also build upon existing skills so our employees leave us more skilled than when they arrived.

If you need a construction building company to complete your project in one of the Four Corner’s states, please call us at (970) 565-7430 for a bid.