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Quality Heavy, Utilities, Oil Field and Building Construction Services Delivered Safely

Our bonding capability is $150 Million. Our Safety Rating is .80. We provide local jobs.

SCIDD-HDR-08-300x225With experience that covers a wide breadth of specialties, including roadwork, dams, oilfields, water projects and residential and commercial building, WCA, LLC’s workforce has acquired skills necessary to complete most construction and building projects.

Our portfolio of work includes projects for government agencies, public utilities, public and private enterprises of all sizes, as well as individual organizations of all sizes. A great deal of our experience comes from working with Tribal Authorities in the Four Corners’ states, where we spearhead construction and building projects of all sizes.

Developing workers and bringing new jobs to communities

ALP-Pic2-300x199Because our work can require up to 300 highly skilled construction professionals, we hire workers from neighboring tribes and communities. If there is a need for a particular skill set that isn’t available, we train our temporary construction workers, which increases the employability of these workers, benefits the community in which they live and WCA LLC’s customers.

Our project timeline can extend for years, which provides temporary workers with long-term employment and the opportunity to strengthen desired skills while on the job.

In addition, our safety rating of .80 and we pass safety skills onto our employees and temporary workers.

WCA, LLC’s capabilities

With a focus on safety and benefiting all parties, from our clients, their neighbors and community, as well as our employees, WCA LLC also strives to maintain a balance in nature. Among our capabilities:

WCA, LLC provides accurate bids customized to individual project specifications. As a construction company that is wholly owned by a Native American tribe, WCA, LLC is a recognized minority-owned business.

If you require a construction partner who services the Four Corners’ states, call (970) 565-7430 to request a bid.

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